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Yuengling Beer -- "Lager Spot"
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Yuengling Beer -- "...And Daughters"
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Yuengling Beer -- "Heritage"
Large .mov (2.0 mb)    Small .mov (923k)

Yuengling Beer -- "Portfolio"
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Yuengling Beer -- "Rennaisance"
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Hear what we can do!

          Radio Spots

Yuengling Beer -- "Zee Experiment"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (477k)    Shockwave (120k)

Sydney Rosen Co -- "Santa"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (480k)    Shockwave (121k)

Heritage Business Systems -- "Digital Copiers "
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (470k)    Shockwave (118k)

Slack's Hoagie Shack -- "The Detective"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (485k)    Shockwave (122k)

Yuengling Beer -- "Champ Light"
.wav (2.7 mb)    .mp3 (492k)    Shockwave (125k)

Slack's Hoagie Shack -- "The Big Game"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (482k)    Shockwave (121k)

Yuengling Beer -- "Life in the Extreme"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (473k)    Shockwave (121k)

Gold Leaf Roses -- "The Fred & Gladys Show"
.wav (2.6 mb)    .mp3 (469k)    Shockwave (124k)

          Original Music

Burning Fire Productions -- "Quad 9" (TV Series Pilot)
.wav (2.8 mb)    .mp3 (514k)    Shockwave (130k)

Phila. Horicultural Society -- "1998 Philadelphia Flower Show"
.wav (1.1 mb)    .mp3 (207k)    Shockwave (53k)

Sports Channel -- "Phillies Baseball " (TV Open Theme)
.wav (1.0 mb)    .mp3 (192k)    Shockwave (50k)

Budget Rent-A-Car -- "All the Difference in the World" (National Jingle)
.wav (1.6 mb)    .mp3 (292k)    Shockwave (74k)

Philadelphia Zoo -- "White Lion Cubs" (TV Commercial Music Bed)
.wav (1.2 mb)    .mp3 (212k)    Shockwave (54k)

On-Air Entertainment -- "Great Weekend Countdown" (TV Open Theme)
.wav (1.5 mb)    .mp3 (274k)    Shockwave (143k)

Saxon Foods -- "Victor & Vinnie's" (TV Commercial Music Bed)
.wav (1.3 mb)    .mp3 (235k)    Shockwave (60k)

WPVI-TV Philadelphia -- "Whydontchamove" (Action News TV Promo)
.wav (1.0 mb)    .mp3 (189k)    Shockwave (52k)

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