You've heard them more times than you would like to remember. The banal on- hold message. So stoic, so unimaginative. You'll hear the worst ones when you call your credit card company, or even your utilities company. Most are voiced by "talent" who always "wanted to get in the business." Are you sure this is first thing that you want your customers and clients to hear?

SoundByte uses the same talent for corporate on- hold messages that we use for radio or television voice-over work. Your business probably gets a minimum of 100-200 calls a day. If you're a larger business the number of calls a day reaches into the thousands. Each caller will probably be on hold between 10 and 30 seconds. Every caller on-hold is an opportunity to promote, to sell or to generate good public relations about your company. Wouldn't you like to have a salesperson with that many contacts every day? Do you want to waste the opportunity on an amateur or insignificant on-hold message? Make it count. Let SoundByte create your corporate on-hold message and make it as convincing as your best salesperson.

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